Valley Pivots

The Best Value

Since 1954, Valley Irrigation has been providing the most reliable irrigation equipment in the agriculture industry. Valley center pivots and linears provide precise water, chemical and fertilizer applications that improve crop yields, reduce labor costs, reduce runoff, and conserve water and energy. The Valley brand is known for having the most durable structures and the most advanced technologies. That's why 50% of center pivots in use today are Valley pivots.

The Leader in Span Design

When it comes to investing in irrigation equipment, structural life is critical. Valley spans are engineered to last for many years without costly repairs. Valley designs and builds the strongest, most durable spans in the industry.

Benefits for you:

* Best long-term life and value

* Significant resale premium over competitive brands

* Engineered with the strength needed to acheive maximum productivity

Gearbox Design Philosophy

The gearbpx is the heart of your center pivot. If the gearbox isn't working, the center pivot isn't working. The Valley philosophy is to provide you with the most durable gearbox in the irrigation industry. That's why Valley Irrigation is the only center pivot company in the world that manufactures its gearboxes in the USA, using U.S. vendors that meet our quality standards.

Benefits for you:

* Each gearbox is tested before being shipped

* Random gearboxes are life-tested

* Multiple levels of component quality control, including on-site inspections, that can't be   performed overseas

Valley Control Panel Choices

Valley offers a full line of easy-to-use control panels, including the industry's first line of GPS Ready panels. Valley control panels are designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures, high humidity, and transient voltage requiements, as well as provide you with uninterrupted performance and durability to keep your center pivot running year after year.

Valey designs control panels for all kinds of growers--from the most advanced computer technology to non-computerized control options.

* TouchPro                           * AutoPilot Linear

* Pro2                                     * ClassicPlus

* Select2                                * Classic

Benefits to you:

* Multiple options allow you to choose the best panel for you

* Field-proven technology

* Upgradable for minimal investment